Progress on our next book, working title: Twenty Forty

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Working on a book means the text is always changing. This book itself has begun to morph into something very different than what we first expected.  Our initial idea had been setting the book in 13 chapters around the 13 megatrends, the facts around each of these and the likely trajectories that each could take going to 2040.  It is our hope that this will help people and organisations make better, more robust decisions.

That is still what we are writing, but we’ve decided that what we needed to do instead, was to tell the story of each megatrend.  Which has led to a re-think and a re-write.  This means that we are a bit behind our original plan, but we are still planning to get a first draft out to reviewers by 19 July.  If you would like to be a reviewer, please contact

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